Best Penny Auction Sites

The Best Penny Auction Sites Guaranteed


What Are The Best Penny Auction Sites & Auction Business?

Best Penny Auction Sites

The best and the new penny auction site is an amazing auction site to get some of the best bargains on just about anything you can think of buying.  The best penny auction sites around and it is an amazing auction site to get some of the best bargains on just about anything you can think of buying.

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Best Penny Auction Sites

 Best Penny Auction Sites Bidding Tips:

Bidding Tips for all new Members –  The following is a list of tips created by our staff to help you get started.
They are not guaranteed strategies. If you have a tip you would like to add, please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page with your your suggestions.
  1. Educate Yourself – Before you get started check out our FAQ section.
  2. Observe – Take your time, look around and feel things out before you start bidding. Watch a few auctions as they come to an end and develop your own strategy.
  3. Focus -Maximize your chances of winning by focusing on one or two auctions at a time.  Remember, 100 watts of light energy can either softly light a room or explode the moon – focus is key.
  4. Be Patient – It’s better to bid late in the game. Wait until there are ten seconds or less on the clock before you place a bid.
  5. Schedule – Watch for our slower times and take advantage of them. When everyone is off enjoying their morning coffee or stuck in rush hour traffic, you can walk off with great deals.
  6. Prepare – Arm yourself with enough bids to win the item that you want. Close all other programs and browser tabs running on your computer for optimum performance in our real-time auctions.
  7. Be Mindful – Always keep an eye on the number of remaining bids in your account and purchase more if needed. You don’t want to run out of bids at an inconvenient moment.
  8. Be Stealth – Keep your eyes peeled for unique (and uncrowded) bidding opportunities. If everyone is focused and bidding on the Tom Tom, then  sneak on over to the Amex Gift Card auction and scoop it up for pennies!!
  9. Share – Take advantage of the incredible penny auction business opportunity and compensation plan and the powerful incentives that this home business auction offers for telling your friends!
  10. Have a BLAST!!!

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Best Penny Auction Sites


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